Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Good adn Evil

Tell me, is the human capacity for good more than the human capacity for evil, or is our knowledge of what is truly good insufficient for us to be able to do works of a genuinely good nature. That the people that do good have the same philosophy as the people that believe they are doing good, when to the rest of the world, they are not.

At the end, whatever we do, there will never be more good than evil, and good can never triumph, because from someone else's point of view, what is good for you might not be good for him. We sympathize with the victors as history is written by them.

Is God really more powerful than the devil in this case if good can never triumph over evil in the world.

In nature, no one calls the predator evil; the lioness hunts out of necessity, but not all the deer are caught. The lioness is never evil though, and we don't say good has triumph because the majority of the prey manage to escape and the casualties are few.


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