Monday, November 14, 2005

Hide-A-Nut Inc.

I cannot stop thinking about pretty little cakes with fresh cream and berries on them. What I really want is a small little tea cake in a pretty colour like olive green or pink and some nice tea.

I don’t quite know how Café Rosso on Holland Village is doing these days, but it’s a great café, and I’m always keen to give my support to nice little places like that, because it’s always nice to share the things you like.

Richard and I spent most of yesterday fucking about (literally) and we didn’t do anything. I was never so aware of how much fucking there was going on, but there was. Because it took up the entire day, and when we tried to get at it this morning, I started bleeding. Which is not a good thing to have happen to you. It doesn’t feel like anything though, not yet anyway, but then again, there aren’t a lot of pain sensors on the surface of the skin of the vagina.

We had the conversation about pussy size once again, and I’m always shocked at how sill I once was for presuming that small dicks didn’t get anywhere. But of course, small dicks are good for small pussies, and some girls are made with much smaller pussies then others. And for all the fucking that some girls will ever do with their life, their pussies will always stay small, because that was just the way they were built… and then there are virgins with cavernous cunts… because that is the way they are. So seriously, the idiots that think too much fucking will loosen up a girl’s pussy? They should start getting their brains in order by just reading a bit more.

You know. Reading a bit more of international/classical literature, watching less mass-marketed blockbusters, while watching more independent films, and above all, stop wasting time on local television, because it really does make you stupid.

If you think about it, Mediacre TV. Inc. is completely and absolutely full of programs about small minded characters whose lives seem to revolve around the places owned by the sponsors of the show (which also means that the stories are made around the sponsors demands; around products and available locations- i.e. showrooms). They are shows about nothing, but that suits the Hide-A-Peanut corporation just fine because it takes up your time and prevents you from thinking. Its no use saying it here of course, because the people that read beyond the sex bits in my blog already KNOW what I’m taking about, but I’ll say it anyway.

The educated will always think for themselves, they know what’s going on, they can’t stand it for long, and eventually, they fuck off out of the Shity. Unless of course there’s a great deal of money holding them back, in which case they will stay and find their own excitement with what money can buy. But most creative people can’t stand it forever, and they leave, eventually.

But as long as the majority are comfortable, with their minds comfortably occupied by the dilemma of some unimportant person who will eventually come up with a solution we already knew, to a plight that had happened to so many time previously, then we’re safe. There will be no revolutions, and as such, there will be no voice. And the best thing is, in the free market, such crap on TV wouldn’t be able to make it for long. People are stupid, but they aren’t gonna stay stupid and simple minded forever. I never watch local TV if I can help it (and I can, so I never do) and tons of people would rather watch the cable channels then the local free bits.

Hey, hey, I have no problem with taxpayer money going into the arts. Especially if it’s the art of how to keep people sated on crap. No problem with it going into another program about teenagers feeling stressed out over school projects and bitching about dresses and boyfriends. Its even better when all that money gives me someone bereft of talent to worship because some higher authority has decided to call her a ‘star’.

I was having this bloody weird conversation with my neighbour the day before, and he said the word ‘artiste’ with such contempt it was hilarious.

‘So I was at this party yeah, and I met this girl, and I asked her what she did, and she said she was an artiste’
‘I asked her what medium she worked in, and she said she was an actor.’
‘Then I asked what sort of theatre performance she was into, particularly, and she said she worked on TV’
‘”So, you’re an afternoon soap opera wallpaper for people’s homes. That musn’t be very fun. What do you plan to do in the future.”’
‘And she said something that made it sound like this was it. Like making it big in Singapore was it. It was all they ever wanted, to be famous… in Singapore.’
‘I’ve never quite had it like that in any other place around the world. Even the telenovella actresses in Central America want to do something greater than what they are churning out of their arses right at the moment.

Richard and I went over to the friend’s today for dinner- he’s R’s business partner, but it come up to the same thing I suppose. Thinking about it, it was quite an amazing experience, sitting down in the living room over a cup of tea and some impossibly strong whiskey talking about the next Harry Potter- It’s not Harry Potter, and if Harry Potter is seditious, then this book is even more so, although not so quite as bad as Lé Squirrel and the Hide-a-Nut corporation.

I’ve not read it, but the drawings for the book are absolutely amazing and the story as I’ve been told is as amazing as they come. I personally think it has plenty of ideas taken from all over the place, from Rushdie’s Sea of Stories to The Longest Journey, but then again, all these stories have been repeated again and again.

The poor boy needing to escape from horrid relatives? C.S Lewis did that way before J.K. Rowling could write. Combining science fiction and fantasy is every fantasy fanatic’s dream since the invention of the light bulb. Children going off on strange adventures in the jungle while fighting off evil powers that seem far bigger then they are until the end, that’s always been around for time without end. Stories like that are in the myths of every culture, its just a matter of reinventing them.

I haven’t read his book yet (it’s still got a few more pages before it’s finally finished) but I’m sure its already better than a lot of the nonsense out there trying to cash in on the current fantasy bandwagon. Just on the basis that its written by an individual clearly more talented and more experienced then most of them. I certainly hope it’ll get published big anyway, because it’s such a pity when wonderful things get created, and they stay hidden in the closet for god knows how long. Sometimes, I still like believing that every piece of worthwhile work out there will eventually get noticed. I mean, if perfectly unremarkable things like a girl talking about how she likes using disabled toilets more then the general ones can get attention, I don’t see why something like an amazing story about imagination and hope won’t sell out.

I would like to believe that anyway.


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