Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you happy now?

I suppose I should apologize for not blogging for just about forever. Only I hate apologizing, and I don't really know who reads this blog anymore. I've been thinking of shifting everything to my babelogica.com site, maybe that would be more appropriate. There are a few reasons why I haven't been blogging. Mostly because I'm out of practice. It's always very difficult to write after going away for awhile. There's this great sense of guilt that I haven't been talking to an old friend, and that I should. The longer I don't write, the greater the sense of guilt, and so on.

The other day, a friend asked me a most peculiar question. It was this : Are you happy now? I answered that I was (what else could I say?) But the question is a little more complex. I can't say that I'm ever truly happy. I'm more content now that I was before, and despite the bad weather and the lack of the sort of good friends I had back in Singers, I'm very happy with Dani. I know it's kinda cheesy, but a good relationship really does make all the difference. Gradually becoming deeply intuned with another person is real special, and very satisfying. It's also a plus that we work together on projects, which has given me a better sense of direction as to where I'd like to go, career wise. I feel things are less impossible now with someone else working with me. We haven't done alot yet, but it's beginning.

And alright. I'll blog more. I promise. Especially about the stupid shit.

In the meantime, here's some advice on how to beat your wife from a religious point of view.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Goddamn, spring has gone, summer has past and it's autumn already. Last night I noted it was dark at 7 pm. It was almost slightly dread inducing. You can see how those damn vampiers get depressed (yes, too much True Blood. And they should have placed Russel in a controlled UV dosage solarium instead of concrete, which seems like the perfect recovery tool...).

Dani and I went to Antalya for a sun scortching holiday where we spent most of the time attempting to resemble our food (salted, oiled and broiled in the sun). We stayed in a cute hotel run primarily run by a funny gay dude of a very feminine desposition that kept on hitting on him. For some reason, that particular hotel had more then its fair share of gay couples, I felt. On the last night, after we'd paid the bar tab, Dani asked if he was completely clean concerning the bill and the guy told him "Oh yes, always clean sir... and very handsome".

We saw a bunch of Hellenistic ruins, most wrecked and preserved by a series of earthquakes. Some drowned, some trapped in calcium, some still standing, some appropriated by tourists into a public bath (as was its destined purpose). Food was awesome. Holland is pretty good for things like art and design and music and herbal supplements, but food really isn't one of them.

I've been kept busy with some design work, which is great. There's nothing like gainful employment after years of dicking around. Although that said, there's still not enough work, which bugs the hell out of me. Always easier to have jobs thrown at you then to be inspired enough to hunt them down or create them for yourself. We hooked up with some of Dani's colleagues that are working on some documentary stuff, and it'll be nice if a positioned opened up for it, but these NGOs take forever to get anything going.Well, we'll see. It'll be awhile yet.

There are loads of other things I'd like to say, but I don't have the ability to put them into words right now. Too ephemeral. Too inconclusive. Can see, can't define.