Friday, October 28, 2011

Annual Update.

I got an email today from someone that said he'd read my blog from start to finish and encouraged me to update a little. So here goes:

Dani and I are still together and well. From my point of view, the relationship got better with time, which is a good thing in my book. There are still plenty of cultural differences (his extroverted southern European/ Mediterranean background vs my introverted Chinese one). But I it works.  The in-laws are great as well, despite be not being able to speak with them very well. This is usually overcome by spending all my time with them eating, which is not unlike time with my parents, whom I can speak with, but prefer not talk a lot, if at all.

I got a great job at an international organisation, which is fortunate for a fresh art/media grad., in this economic climate. Plus working for an NGO has always been something I've been interested in. There's a lot of fascinating stuff to be done, it's a pity that large organisations are so bureaucratic, so it takes a lot to get to the work at the core.

My love for SFF has only gotten worse since coming here. Dani loves SFF too, so there's a lot of that around. Also, playing computer games has replaced clubbing, which isn't fun anymore once you're not on the prowl.

Still a gym nut, although that has been tempered with my new found abilities to cook. We're going to re-do the kitchen so we can start practicing some modernist cooking!

Went to Croatia with Phil and my sister. One of the best holidays. I'd say it's the loveliest place on the Mediterranean. Maybe that, and the South of France. Some of the best preserved Roman structures are there, and you can even book holiday apartments in these structures (which we did). Can't beat that.