Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning Star.

I know I promised I wouldn't talk about the weather, but I can't help it. It's been lovely. Cold and wet but sunny. And the sea breeze blowing through always, I love it. The air's always fresh here.

Last night, before I went to bed, I thought about how nice it was to be able to go to sleep with the windows open. It gives you the sensation of sleeping outside, without actually having to sleep outside. I hadn't done that in a long time, mostly because it's too hot and rainy down in the tropics.

In our bedroom, we've got the most ridiculous windown display. 6 cacti lined up along the windowsill. I think they're really good feng shui even though you can't see them because they're always covered by the linen day curtains, but I like them there. I look at them when I brush my teeth. Them, and the fattest pigeon in the world always hanging around the neighbour's garden, attracting all the cats.

There's one of them that has so far flowered three times. It grows this long stalk that takes forever to grow and then gives birth to the most stunning flower like a layered star that smells so fresh and bittersweet. The flower lasts for 12 hours, and then it dies. I really like that plant. It makes me think about how perfectly engineered all biological things are. Probably in the desert, 12 hours is the maximum trade off for the chance to reproduce with the loss of precious resrouces.

I was standing around looking at it when Dani suggested that I should polinate it. (The flower had both male and female parts).

"Pollinate it?"

"Yeah! Use your hair. I stuck my finger in it and tried to muss it around, but why don't you put your hair in it rustle it up a little?"

I thought it was an interesting idea (a little cute and some what silly) and seemed like it could work so I did it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Babies.

Rochelle came around. It always starts of like that, you know. With no intention of sex and then somehow things start degenerating. She was discussing the details of her private life with us (the best sort of conversation one can have, really. Much better than talking about the weather.) when Dani put his hand up my shirt and she started curling her legs around him. I was just feeling fat and unattractive from too much pasta (although I know the truth to be otherwise, but all women have a disconnect between how fat they are and how fat they think they are) but a bit more whiskey soon took care of that.

I like having her around. I think the best thing about it is how um... unpretentious the whole thing was. You know, a lot of threesomes are just weird. Where everyone's aware they're doing this thing and it's like, you know, a thing. Bah. We're going to get a strap on for me, soon. I like using the dildo on people other than myself, it's really hot. I get an idea of how a guy must feel. Not the essence perhaps, but a little teaser. Maybe in another life I'll be reborn as a cyborg-meta-human thing with a penis and a vagina, but till then. Dildo. Maybe vibrating.

You know how I'm all whacko anyway, and at some point, I think Rochelle was fondling my boobs and I started making up these sounds for them (all boobs make sounds when you squeeze them! What's wrong with yours? Meh.) She was pissing herself laughing (not literally, unfortunately - we're going to change the living room carpet anyway...). Sex is hot, and cute, and sexy, and ridiculous all at the same time. The best sort of sex is anyway. But you have see the ridiculous-cute side of it, ever. I have no idea how to make such a moment a filmic moment. :-/ Perhaps it's best not to try. It might just look stupid.

Then both of them started doing stuff to me, and for some reason I was so happy (probably all the endorphines from all that cuddling) and I came and I said, "My babies."

Oh my lord. :O

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flaming Mule

I met M&W. They were somehow connected back in Sing circles through Tom. W engineered her own retrenchment and M, fucked off with both law and economics threw in the towel and well, fucked off. They're travelling around the world right now. At this moment, they're probably riding a beat up Land Rover with, hopefully, a 3.9l fuel injected engine (and not a 3.5l with carburettors with a notoriety for overheating) across the driest place on earth (too much Top Gear lately)... W facebooked me a few days ago telling me they would be in the Hague, so we arranged to meet up for a drink or five. Turns out M's sister lived just across the street. Small world.

I always get a sense of "hey wow cool! Here you are all the way around the world!" Whenever I meet someone I knew from back in Sing. It's a small thrill, and I never get tired of it. This holds, even if I don't really know the person very well.

They looked very happy. They had the look of people on a great adventure after years of being pissed off at work; supposedly because they are. Who likes selling their lives for minimum wage, when you know you got the world for free... not.

It was a bit of a surreal night when they turned up. It was raining, and there was something about the light. Those IKEA paper lamps are great mood lighting. We sat around talking, and it was lovely because everyone warmed up quickly, and told stories of all the stange adventures they'd had. At some point, there was a blackout, and just to fit in with the adventure theme, Dani brought out the Flaming Mules. I don't think he knew what they were called before, but now they're called Flaming Mules (because they were talking about riding a mule up a 90 degree incline in Mongolia). There were a mixture of various creamy alcoholic substances lighted up with a hallucinogenic blue flame.

We'll be meeting up again in the fall. I'll still be here. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brussel Sprouts.

We went to Brussels for the weekend. I like Brussels, it's full of good drink and food and funny waiters with personality. It was awfully hot and humid, so it was a little bit like being back home. Except the beer was much better. Dani and I stayed in a hotel with a temperamental cooling system and sweated through the first night. I think it's a European thing to tolerate annoyingly warm temperatures. It's only a couple of days in the summer after all... we changed rooms the next night. Miss air-conditioned nation wouldn't stand for it.

We found a lovely wine shop with fantastic Sangria La Vinerie on Rue de l'Escalier . The guy was a funny sort of fellow with really big ears and skinny face, with a slight hunch in his back and a pleasantly weird disposition. "This Sangria, I made it last night, it's been marinating with the all the fruits and the spices... perfect... In the winter I make the hot wine, also perfect..."